Income is, on the surface, a simple metric to get your head around.

It is easy to compare and although it might not be as sophisticated a measure of poverty as something like the Indexes of Multiple Deprivation, it can still be a great window into the divides in this country.

The North v South Gap

In the map above, we can see higher incomes in large areas of the south-east. These mainly emanate from central London outwards. This shows the disparity between raw pay between the north and south is still very much alive. However, it is important to note that more income does not equal more wealth, as the cost of living in the south of England is considerably higher than in the north.

The Gender Gap

Chart by Visualizer

Using our data we can also split income by gender and age to see if the much-discussed gender pay gap is still an issue. Unfortunately, the data shows that the gender pay gap is not only a reality but gets more prevalent in later years, this is the case across the nation.

There are many arguments for this gap related to the type of role typically worked, career breaks and plain old sexism! Alas, the data shows that inequality of pay is still a real issue across the country.


Two people working the same role are unlikely to be paid the same wage. Here we have looked at two of the main factors that affect someone’s income. There is clearly a lot more employers can do to make sure all workers are paid a fair wage.

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