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Sales and Marketing teams benefit from new insights as data specialists partner to provide unique UK data products.

Most companies are looking to analytics, data science and AI to innovate, improve and grow, however, hoping to uncover new insights by working with the same old data is challenging. Any useful data available internally is probably in use already, so most companies find it easier to gain insights by adding new data from reliable external sources to their models. According to a survey of data scientists by OnePoll in July 2023, the benefits of adding external data usually exceed expectations.

Two UK companies which operate in the specialised data products market, 118/Market Location and Doorda, have recently partnered to provide a range of unique, joined-up data products, unlocking new insights for Sales and Marketing teams in several areas. According to Kelly Preston, Managing Director of 118/Market Location, “The new partnership gives our clients more available depth within our existing data products”

With over 500 clients and 100 employees (and growing!), 118/Market Location is a leader in the provision of unique, compliant, high-quality data for B2B Marketing and Analytics. Their consultative approach, uncovers business pain points and associates them with data requirements, mainly centred around the 118 dataset, but sometimes requiring partnerships such as this one. 118/Market Location provides data which is often unique, is always of high quality and has verifiable, compliant origins.

On one such occasion, when they uncovered an unusual client data requirement for targeting potential customers, a valued partner strongly recommended asking Doorda, a leading UK provider of trusted data products. Doorda were able to provide the non-residential ratepayer and property data needed – location, rateable value, age, height, construction materials, internal areas, energy efficiency, etc. – as well as data about the occupying business and those nearby. Innovative Doorda software (patent-pending) ensured that the 118/Market Location and Doorda data could be consistently joined up.

Two subsequent clients wanted the locations of all companies with on-site car parks and tenancy end-dates of non-residential properties respectively, and their Sales & Marketing teams were impressed by the seamlessly combined 118/Market Location and Doorda offering.

Very familiar with data acquisition, both companies’ data experts recognised the enormous effort and time required to research, gather, provision and regularly refresh the data sets the other provided, especially to such a high standard of quality. Rather than trying to re-create and compete they decided to provide mutual referrals to clients in search of specific data already available from the other. Working together demonstrated kindred spirits to the two data companies; it was clear that a partnership made sense.

Kelly Preston took the helm of 118/Market Location after 7 years helping to grow the organisation in senior Sales and Operations roles. Kelly recognises the importance of focussing on unique data to add unique value, and she sees both 118/Market Location and Doorda as playing strongly in this space. According to Kelly, “the unique Doorda data seamlessly links with our data products, and like us, they have flexible subject matter experts who can source or derive the additional depth of quality data our clients sometimes need.”

Doorda data is now part of the 118/Market Location catalogue and is being used by clients in multiple areas to improve business outcomes. 118 data specialists systematically turn to the Doorda data products catalogue and data engineers when faced with requests for data that they don’t yet have in their own catalogue.

Clifford, CEO of Doorda added, “With the synergy of our combined data products we open up new avenues to insight for ambitious data-driven companies. It makes so much sense for us to be working in partnership with 118/Market Location.”