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Game-changing UK insurtech businesses create bespoke risk profiles, assessments and recommendations with Doorda data products

Underlying all insurance business is the need to understand client profiles as accurately as possible in order to sell or negotiate insurance or assess a complete risk picture. Insurtech businesses Intelligent AI and Konsileo have chosen to use trusted data from Doorda to enable more complete and accurate client profiling.

Whether you are a broker, an underwriting platform or a tier one insurer, maintaining accurate risk profiles, controlling levels of risk exposure and analysing huge volumes of insurance data are a constant challenge. The insurance sector is evolving, embracing digital technologies to help with this, yet it is estimated that underwriters have been using only 10% of the complete, accurate, up-to-date data that they would expect. Data is often incomplete and inaccurate, especially property data provided by landlords which is often out of date and even contains imperfect addresses.

“Doorda excels in providing the detailed, raw data that is so key”

Meric Stanley, Lead Developer, Konsileo

Konsileo is a commercial insurance broker, providing bespoke and informed negotiation services for SMEs. They source suitable insurance based on an accurate, complete and detailed view of their clients.

Konsileo uses Doorda data to feed the construct of the most detailed client profiles, including asset and legal entity information, that enables their brokers to select the most appropriate insurance whilst preparing for queries and countering negative objections from underwriters. Konsileo choose data supplied by Doorda because it comes from the official systems of records, such as Companies House, and is up to date.

Meric Stanley, Lead Developer at Konsileo, commented, ‘‘finding trustworthy data, reliably available when needed, is a huge priority. Our insurance discussions are based on detailed information about specific circumstances, rather than generic scores and Doorda excels in providing the detailed, raw data that is so key to our business.  As a valued business partner, Doorda is always able to answer our questions about the data, their API is always reliable, and they are our first point of call for data.


“We could get some of the data from other suppliers, but we trust Doorda”

Anthony Peake, CEO, Intelligent AI


Intelligent AI brings together Open Data, Proprietary Data and AI extracted data to deliver a 360 degree view of risk across commercial property portfolios for property owners and the insurance sector. It offers AI and data analytics solutions that identify, measure, predict and mitigate risk whilst bringing clarity to insurers and commercial property owners through Digital Twin location profiles on 100% of locations within a portfolio.

Intelligent AI recognises that insurers often struggle to gather the data required to have deep risk insight in commercial property underwriting.   In combination with other providers and their own technology, they use Doorda to get harmonised and structured data so that they can give a much higher quality service to insurer clients.

Anthony Peake, CEO of Intelligent AI, commented, “As organisations look for (ESG) Environment, Social and Governance data, Doorda is able to address the social aspects by providing a wealth of geo-demographic data as well as proximity information about nearby properties and businesses. They are very good at data on the internal compartmentation and have also helped us in better understanding the makeup of multi-occupancy buildings.” He added, “Doorda data always scores highly when compared to other potential sources – the quality is there. We could get some of the data from other suppliers, but we trust Doorda.


Clifford McDowell, Doorda CEO responded, “I’m delighted to be supporting Konsileo and Intelligent AI to create bespoke risk profiles to improve their services to clients.