When looking to target a product or service to a specific audience there is a vast amount of quantitative data on socio-demographics, i.e. education, income and health. However, understanding how people feel about certain topics can be incredibly helpful when profiling an area. But, knowing what people are thinking is inherently expensive and difficult to quantify, as shown in many recent election predictions!

Our DoordaAttitude product overcomes these hurdles by delivering quantitative data of residents opinions on key topics derived directly from UK petition data. Each local areas opinion is ranked using the number of signatures given compared to the rest of the UK. Each area is then given a percentile value based on its rank. Click here for more information on how the attitude scores are derived.

Uncover local residents thoughts on 9 different themes:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Crime
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Immigration
  • International Relations
  • Pay and Benefits

Themes are further categorised into 39 topics such as care for pets, wildlife or stronger border measures. All data is grouped on Local Comparable areas (Output Areas) making it easy to join to postcode or higher levels.

Open-sourced, non-personalized, and free from GDPR restrictions explore what the nation is thinking.

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Gain insight on the UK’s opinion of 39 different topics split across 9 themes.

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