Before opening any new business it’s essential to know who your neighbours are, will they drive business to your door or take it away?

Imagine you wanted to set up your new business in the centre of Leeds. You may want to open a bakery on a quiet residential road or a hip gin bar in the best drinking spot in the city.

You can use our commercial locations data to see information on 2.1 million non-residential properties across England and Wales. Choose a quiet area away from your competitors or find the busiest high street with the most shoppers.

Our data also Includes:

  • Rateable value
  • Usage category
  • Internals: floors, area usage, sizes, extras
  • Occupant
    • Company name
    • Company Number (allows you to join to Company data from our Biz product)
    • Link to other properties
  • Notices, licences, …
    • Hygiene, Defra, Food Standards, EPC, HSE, CQC, Gambling, NHS
  • Full history for each address (solves residential name-change issues and commercial occupier-change issues)
  • Includes Postcode centroid Lat/Long and exact property Lat/Long for every property
  • Link to local information from our Stats product

Our data is updated monthly and comes from official sources.

Looking for Property information?

This package features over 34 Million linked addresses including residential and commercial location details as well as buildings under construction.

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