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Alongside other sources such as Royal Mail and Ordnance Survey, our products also Contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL). 

A full list of our current sources is listed below to allow for appropriate attribution.

Adur District CouncilDistrict council
Allerdale District CouncilDistrict council
Amber Valley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Arun District CouncilDistrict council
Ashfield District CouncilDistrict council
Ashford Borough CouncilDistrict council
Aylesbury Vale District CouncilDistrict council
Babergh District CouncilDistrict council
Barking and Dagenham CouncilLondon boroughs
Barnet CouncilLondon boroughs
Barnsley Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Barrow-in-Furness Borough CouncilDistrict council
Basildon Borough CouncilDistrict council
Basingstoke and Deane Borough CouncilDistrict council
Bassetlaw District CouncilDistrict council
Bath and North East Somerset CouncilUnitary authorities
Bedford Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Bexley CouncilLondon boroughs
Birmingham City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Blaby District CouncilDistrict council
Blackburn with Darwen Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Blackpool CouncilUnitary authorities
Bolsover District CouncilDistrict council
Bolton Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Boston Borough CouncilDistrict council
Bournemouth, Christ Church and Poole CouncilUnitary authorities
Bracknell Forest Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Bradford City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Braintree District CouncilDistrict council
Breckland District CouncilDistrict council
Brent CouncilLondon boroughs
Brentwood Borough CouncilDistrict council
Brighton and Hove City CouncilUnitary authorities
Bristol City CouncilUnitary authorities
Broadland District CouncilDistrict council
Bromley CouncilLondon boroughs
Bromsgrove District CouncilDistrict council
Broxbourne Borough CouncilDistrict council
Broxtowe Borough CouncilDistrict council
Burnley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Bury Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Calderdale Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Cambridge City CouncilDistrict council
Camden CouncilLondon boroughs
Cannock Chase District CouncilDistrict council
Canterbury City CouncilDistrict council
Carlisle City CouncilDistrict council
Castle Point District CouncilDistrict council
Central Bedfordshire CouncilUnitary authorities
Charnwood Borough CouncilDistrict council
Chelmsford City CouncilDistrict council
Cheltenham Borough CouncilDistrict council
Cherwell District CouncilDistrict council
Cheshire East CouncilUnitary authorities
Cheshire West and Chester CouncilUnitary authorities
Chesterfield Borough CouncilDistrict council
Chichester District CouncilDistrict council
Chiltern District CouncilDistrict council
Chorley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Christchurch Borough CouncilDistrict council
City of London CouncilDistrict council
Colchester City CouncilDistrict council
Copeland Borough CouncilDistrict council
Corby Borough CouncilDistrict council
Cornwall CouncilUnitary authorities
Cotswold District CouncilDistrict council
County Durham CouncilDistrict council
Coventry City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Craven District CouncilDistrict council
Crawley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Croydon CouncilLondon boroughs
Dacorum Borough CouncilDistrict council
Darlington Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Dartford Borough CouncilDistrict council
Daventry District CouncilDistrict council
Derby City CouncilUnitary authorities
Derbyshire Dales District CouncilDistrict council
Doncaster Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Dover District CouncilDistrict council
Dudley Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Ealing CouncilLondon boroughs
East Cambridgeshire District CouncilDistrict council
East Devon District CouncilDistrict council
East Dorset District CouncilDistrict council
East Hampshire District CouncilDistrict council
East Hertfordshire District CouncilDistrict council
East Lindsey District CouncilDistrict council
East Northamptonshire District CouncilDistrict council
East Riding of Yorkshire CouncilUnitary authorities
East Staffordshire Borough CouncilDistrict council
Eastbourne Borough CouncilDistrict council
Eastleigh Borough CouncilDistrict council
Eden District CouncilDistrict council
Elmbridge Borough CouncilDistrict council
Enfield CouncilLondon boroughs
Epping Forest District CouncilDistrict council
Epsom and Ewell Borough CouncilDistrict council
Erewash Borough CouncilDistrict council
Exeter City CouncilDistrict council
Fareham Borough CouncilDistrict council
Fenland District CouncilDistrict council
Forest Heath District CouncilDistrict council
Forest of Dean District CouncilDistrict council
Fylde Borough CouncilDistrict council
Gateshead Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Gedling Borough CouncilDistrict council
Gloucester City CouncilDistrict council
Gosport Borough CouncilDistrict council
Gravesham Borough CouncilDistrict council
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilDistrict council
Greenwich CouncilLondon boroughs
Guildford Borough CouncilDistrict council
Hackney CouncilLondon boroughs
Halton Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Hambleton District CouncilDistrict council
Hammersmith and FulhamLondon boroughs
Harborough District CouncilDistrict council
Haringey CouncilLondon boroughs
Harlow CouncilLondon boroughs
Harrogate Borough CouncilDistrict council
Harrow CouncilLondon boroughs
Hart District CouncilDistrict council
Hartlepool Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Hastings Borough CouncilDistrict council
Havant Borough CouncilDistrict council
Havering CouncilLondon boroughs
Herefordshire CouncilUnitary authorities
High Peak Borough CouncilDistrict council
Hinckley and BosworthDistrict council
Hillingdon CouncilLondon boroughs
Horsham District CouncilDistrict council
Hounslow CouncilLondon boroughs
Huntingdonshire District CouncilDistrict council
Hyndburn Borough CouncilDistrict council
Ipswich City CouncilDistrict council
Isle of Wight CouncilUnitary authorities
Isles of Scilly CouncilDistrict council
Islington CouncilLondon boroughs
Kensington and ChelseaLondon boroughs
Kettering Borough CouncilDistrict council
King's Lynn and West NorfolkDistrict council
Kingston upon Hull, City ofDistrict council
Kingston upon ThamesLondon boroughs
Kirklees Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Knowsley Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Lambeth CouncilLondon boroughs
Lancaster City CouncilDistrict council
Leeds City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Leicester City CouncilUnitary authorities
Lewes Borough CouncilDistrict council
Lewisham CouncilLondon boroughs
Lichfield City CouncilDistrict council
Lincoln City CouncilDistrict council
Liverpool City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Luton Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Maidstone Borough CouncilDistrict council
Maldon District CouncilDistrict council
Malvern Hills District CouncilDistrict council
Manchester City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Medway CouncilUnitary authorities
Melton Borough CouncilDistrict council
Mendip District CouncilDistrict council
Merton CouncilLondon boroughs
Mid Devon District CouncilDistrict council
Mid Suffolk District CouncilDistrict council
Mid Sussex District CouncilDistrict council
Middlesbrough Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Milton Keynes CouncilUnitary authorities
Mole Valley District CouncilDistrict council
Monmouthshire District CouncilDistrict council
New Forest District CouncilDistrict council
Newark and Sherwood District CouncilDistrict council
Newcastle upon Tyne City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Newcastle-under-Lyme City CouncilDistrict council
Newham CouncilLondon boroughs
Newport District CouncilDistrict council
North Devon District CouncilDistrict council
North Dorset District CouncilDistrict council
North East Derbyshire District CouncilDistrict council
North East Lincolnshire CouncilUnitary authorities
North Hertfordshire District CouncilDistrict council
North Lincolnshire CouncilUnitary authorities
North Norfolk District CouncilDistrict council
North Somerset CouncilUnitary authorities
North Tyneside Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
North Warwickshire Borough CouncilDistrict council
North West Leicestershire District CouncilDistrict council
Northampton Borough CouncilDistrict council
Northumberland County CouncilUnitary authorities
Norwich City CouncilDistrict council
Nottingham City CouncilUnitary authorities
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough CouncilDistrict council
Oadby and Wigston Borough CouncilDistrict council
Oldham Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Oxford City CouncilDistrict council
Pendle Borough CouncilDistrict council
Peterborough City CouncilUnitary authorities
Plymouth City CouncilUnitary authorities
Poole Borough CouncilDistrict council
Portsmouth City CouncilUnitary authorities
Preston City CouncilDistrict council
Purbeck Borough CouncilDistrict council
Reading Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Redbridge CouncilLondon boroughs
Redcar and Cleveland Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Redditch Borough CouncilDistrict council
Reigate and Banstead Borough CouncilDistrict council
Ribble Valley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Richmond upon ThamesLondon boroughs
Richmondshire District CouncilDistrict council
Rochdale Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Rochford District CouncilDistrict council
Rossendale Borough CouncilDistrict council
Rother District CouncilDistrict council
Rotherham Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Rugby Borough CouncilDistrict council
Runnymede Borough CouncilDistrict council
Rushcliffe Borough CouncilDistrict council
Rushmoor Borough CouncilDistrict council
Rutland County CouncilUnitary authorities
Ryedale District CouncilDistrict council
Salford City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Sandwell Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Scarborough District CouncilDistrict council
Sedgemoor District CouncilDistrict council
Sefton Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Selby Borough CouncilDistrict council
Sevenoaks District CouncilDistrict council
Shepway Borough CouncilDistrict council
Shropshire CouncilUnitary authorities
Slough Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Solihull Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
South Buckinghamshire District CouncilDistrict council
South Cambridgeshire District CouncilDistrict council
South Derbyshire District CouncilDistrict council
South Gloucestershire CouncilUnitary authorities
South Holland District CouncilDistrict council
South Kesteven District CouncilDistrict council
South Lakeland District CouncilDistrict council
South Norfolk District CouncilDistrict council
South Northamptonshire District CouncilDistrict council
South Oxfordshire District CouncilDistrict council
South Ribble Borough CouncilDistrict council
South Somerset District CouncilDistrict council
South Tyneside Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Southampton City CouncilUnitary authorities
Southend-on-Sea Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Southwark CouncilLondon boroughs
Spelthorne Borough CouncilDistrict council
St Albans City CouncilDistrict council
St Edmundsbury Borough CouncilDistrict council
St. Helens Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Stafford Borough CouncilDistrict council
Staffordshire Moorlands District CouncilDistrict council
Stevenage Borough CouncilDistrict council
Stockport Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Stockton-on-Tees Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Stoke-on-Trent City CouncilUnitary authorities
Stratford-on-Avon District CouncilDistrict council
Stroud District CouncilDistrict council
Suffolk Coastal Borough CouncilDistrict council
Sunderland City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Surrey Heath Borough CouncilDistrict council
Sutton CouncilLondon boroughs
Swale Borough CouncilDistrict council
Swindon Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Tameside Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Tamworth Borough CouncilDistrict council
Tandridge District CouncilDistrict council
Taunton Deane Borough CouncilDistrict council
Teignbridge District CouncilDistrict council
Telford and Wrekin Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Tendring District CouncilDistrict council
Test Valley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Thanet District CouncilDistrict council
Three Rivers District CouncilDistrict council
Thurrock CouncilUnitary authorities
Tonbridge and Malling Borough CouncilDistrict council
Torbay CouncilUnitary authorities
Torridge District CouncilDistrict council
Tower Hamlets CouncilLondon boroughs
Trafford Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Tunbridge Wells Borough CouncilDistrict council
Uttlesford District CouncilDistrict council
Vale of Glamorgan Borough CouncilDistrict council
Vale of White Horse District CouncilDistrict council
Wakefield City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Walsall Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Waltham Forest CouncilLondon boroughs
Wandsworth CouncilLondon boroughs
Warrington Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Warwick District CouncilDistrict council
Watford City CouncilDistrict council
Waveney Borough CouncilDistrict council
Waverley Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wealden District CouncilDistrict council
Wellingborough Borough CouncilDistrict council
Welwyn Hatfield Borough CouncilDistrict council
West Berkshire CouncilUnitary authorities
West Dorset Borough CouncilDistrict council
West Lancashire District CouncilDistrict council
West Lindsey District CouncilDistrict council
West Oxfordshire District CouncilDistrict council
West Somerset Borough CouncilDistrict council
Westminster CouncilLondon boroughs
Weymouth and PortlandDistrict council
Wigan Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Wiltshire CouncilUnitary authorities
Winchester City CouncilDistrict council
Windsor and Maidenhead Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Wirral Borough CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Woking Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wokingham Borough CouncilUnitary authorities
Wolverhampton City CouncilMetropolitan district Council
Worcester City CouncilDistrict council
Worthing Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wrexham Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wychavon District CouncilDistrict council
Wycombe Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wyre Borough CouncilDistrict council
Wyre Forest District CouncilDistrict council
City of York CouncilUnitary authorities
Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing StreetMinisterial department
Attorney General's OfficeMinisterial department
Cabinet OfficeMinisterial department
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial StratMinisterial department
Department for Communities and Local GovernmentMinisterial department
Department for Digital Culture, Media & SportMinisterial department
Department for EducationMinisterial department
Department for Environment, Food & Rural AffairsMinisterial department
Department for Exiting the European UnionMinisterial department
Department for International DevelopmentMinisterial department
Department for International TradeMinisterial department
Department for TransportMinisterial department
Department for Work and PensionsMinisterial department
Department of Health and Social CareMinisterial department
Foreign & Commonwealth OfficeMinisterial department
HM TreasuryMinisterial department
Home OfficeMinisterial department
Ministry of DefenceMinisterial department
Ministry of JusticeMinisterial department
Northern Ireland OfficeMinisterial department
Office of the Advocate General for ScotlandMinisterial department
Office of the Leader of the House of CommonsMinisterial department
Office of the Leader of the House of LordsMinisterial department
Office of the Secretary of State for WalesMinisterial department
Office of the Secretary of State for ScotlandMinisterial department
UK Export FinanceMinisterial department
The Charity CommissionNon ministerial department
Competition and Markets AuthorityNon ministerial department
Crown Prosecution ServiceNon ministerial department
Food Standards AgencyNon ministerial department
Forestry CommissionNon ministerial department
Government Actuary's DepartmentNon ministerial department
Government Legal DepartmentNon ministerial department
HM Revenue & CustomsNon ministerial department
Land RegistryNon ministerial department
NS&INon ministerial department
The National ArchivesNon ministerial department
Office of Rail and RoadNon ministerial department
OfgemNon ministerial department
OfqualNon ministerial department
OfstedNon ministerial department
Ordnance SurveyNon ministerial department
Serious Fraud OfficeNon ministerial department
Supreme Court of the United KingdomNon ministerial department
OfwatNon ministerial department
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration ServiceAgency/public body
Animal and Plant Health AgencyAgency/public body
Arts Council EnglandAgency/public body
Arts and Humanities Research CouncilAgency/public body
National Lottery Community FundAgency/public body
Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens KewAgency/public body
British CouncilAgency/public body
British LibraryAgency/public body
British MuseumAgency/public body
British Transport Police AuthorityAgency/public body
Broads AuthorityAgency/public body
CafcassAgency/public body
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agency/public body
Civil Justice CouncilAgency/public body
Civil Nuclear Police AuthorityAgency/public body
Coal AuthorityAgency/public body
Committee on Climate ChangeAgency/public body
Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UKAgency/public body
Companies HouseAgency/public body
Consumer Council for WaterAgency/public body
Council for Science and TechnologyAgency/public body
Criminal Cases Review CommissionAgency/public body
Criminal Injuries Compensation AuthorityAgency/public body
Crown Commercial ServiceAgency/public body
Dartmoor National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Defence Science and Technology LaboratoryAgency/public body
Directly Operated Railways LimitedAgency/public body
Disclosure and Barring ServiceAgency/public body
Driver and Vehicle Licensing AgencyAgency/public body
Driver and Vehicle Standards AgencyAgency/public body
Ebbsfleet Development CorporationAgency/public body
Economic and Social Research CouncilAgency/public body
Education and Skill Funding AgencyAgency/public body
Environment AgencyAgency/public body
Equality and Human Rights CommissionAgency/public body
Exmoor National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
FCO ServicesAgency/public body
Family Justice CouncilAgency/public body
Forestry EnglandAgency/public body
Forestry ResearchAgency/public body
Gangmasters Licensing AuthorityAgency/public body
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support ServiceAgency/public body
HM Courts & Tribunals ServiceAgency/public body
HM Crown Prosecution Service InspectorateAgency/public body
HM Prison and Probation ServiceAgency/public body
HM Prison ServiceAgency/public body
Health and Safety ExecutiveAgency/public body
Heritage Lottery Fund (administered by the NHMF)Agency/public body
High Speed Two (HS2) LimitedAgency/public body
Highways EnglandAgency/public body
Historic EnglandAgency/public body
Homes EnglandAgency/public body
Horniman Museum and GardensAgency/public body
Human Fertilisation and Embryology AuthorityAgency/public body
Human Tissue AuthorityAgency/public body
Imperial War MuseumAgency/public body
Independent Office for Police ConductAgency/public body
Information Commissioner's OfficeAgency/public body
The Insolvency ServiceAgency/public body
Intellectual Property OfficeAgency/public body
Joint Nature Conservation CommitteeAgency/public body
Judicial Appointments CommissionAgency/public body
Lake District National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Legal Aid AgencyAgency/public body
Community Rehabilitation CompaniesAgency/public body
The Legal OmbudsmanAgency/public body
Legal Services BoardAgency/public body
Low Pay CommissionAgency/public body
Macur ReviewAgency/public body
Marine Management OrganisationAgency/public body
Maritime and Coastguard AgencyAgency/public body
Medical Research CouncilAgency/public body
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory AgencyAgency/public body
Met OfficeAgency/public body
National Army MuseumAgency/public body
National College for Teaching and LeadershipAgency/public body
National Forest CompanyAgency/public body
National GalleryAgency/public body
National Institute for Health and Care ExcellenceAgency/public body
National Museums LiverpoolAgency/public body
National Offender Management ServiceAgency/public body
National Portrait GalleryAgency/public body
National Probation ServiceAgency/public body
Natural EnglandAgency/public body
Natural Environment Research CouncilAgency/public body
Natural History MuseumAgency/public body
New Forest National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
North York Moors National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Northern Ireland Policing BoardAgency/public body
Northumberland National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Nuclear Decommissioning AuthorityAgency/public body
UK Research and InnovationAgency/public body
Office for StudentsAgency/public body
Office for National StatisticsAgency/public body
Office of the Immigration Services CommissionerAgency/public body
Office for Legal ComplaintsAgency/public body
Office of the Public GuardianAgency/public body
Oil and Gas AuthorityAgency/public body
Parole BoardAgency/public body
Peak District National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
The Pensions Advisory ServiceAgency/public body
The Pensions OmbudsmanAgency/public body
The Pensions RegulatorAgency/public body
Planning InspectorateAgency/public body
Professional Standards AuthorityAgency/public body
Public Health EnglandAgency/public body
Public Health WalesAgency/public body
Queen Elizabeth II Conference CentreAgency/public body
The Reviewing Committee on the Export of Works of Art and Objects of Cultural InterestAgency/public body
Royal Armouries MuseumAgency/public body
Royal Museums GreenwichAgency/public body
Royal ParksAgency/public body
Rural Payments AgencyAgency/public body
Science and Technology Facilities CouncilAgency/public body
Sea Fish Industry AuthorityAgency/public body
Security Industry AuthorityAgency/public body
Single Source Regulations OfficeAgency/public body
Sir John Soane's MuseumAgency/public body
Skills Funding AgencyAgency/public body
South Downs National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Standards and Testing AgencyAgency/public body
Student Loans CompanyAgency/public body
TateAgency/public body
Transport FocusAgency/public body
Tribunal Procedure CommitteeAgency/public body
UK Anti-DopingAgency/public body
UK Atomic Energy AuthorityAgency/public body
UK Debt Management OfficeAgency/public body
UK Hydrographic OfficeAgency/public body
UK Space AgencyAgency/public body
UK SportAgency/public body
Valuation Office AgencyAgency/public body
Valuation Tribunal ServiceAgency/public body
Valuation Tribunal for EnglandAgency/public body
Vehicle Certification AgencyAgency/public body
Veterinary Medicines DirectorateAgency/public body
Veterinary Products CommitteeAgency/public body
Victoria and Albert MuseumAgency/public body
VisitBritainAgency/public body
VisitEnglandAgency/public body
Wilton ParkAgency/public body
Yorkshire Dales National Park AuthorityAgency/public body
Youth Justice Board for England and WalesAgency/public body
Civil Nuclear ConstabularyHigh profile group
HM Passport OfficeHigh profile group
UK Visas and ImmigrationHigh profile group
London and Continental Railways LtdPublic corporation
Buckinghamshire County CouncilCounty Council
Cambridgeshire County CouncilCounty Council
Cumbria County CouncilCounty Council
Derbyshire County CouncilCounty Council
Devon County CouncilCounty Council
East Sussex County CouncilCounty Council
Essex County CouncilCounty Council
Gloucestershire County CouncilCounty Council
Hampshire County CouncilCounty Council
Hertfordshire County CouncilCounty Council
Kent County CouncilCounty Council
Lancashire County CouncilCounty Council
Leicestershire County CouncilCounty Council
Lincolnshire County CouncilCounty Council
Norfolk County CouncilCounty Council
North Yorkshire County CouncilCounty Council
Northamptonshire County CouncilCounty Council
Nottinghamshire County CouncilCounty Council
Oxfordshire County CouncilCounty Council
Somerset County CouncilCounty Council
Staffordshire County CouncilCounty Council
Suffolk County CouncilCounty Council
Surrey County CouncilCounty Council
Warwickshire County CouncilCounty Council
West Sussex County CouncilCounty Council
Worcestershire County CouncilCounty Council