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Company Number Prefixes apply to non-standard companies registered in the UK on the Companies House register. These include overseas and companies registered outside England and Wales,  including Scotland and Northern Ireland (post-partition) as historically they used to have their own registers. Company Number Prefixes normally take the form of two characters prefixed to the front of the company number e.g. NI for Northern Ireland or FC for Overseas companies.

Below you’ll find a list of the active prefixes. Please note these do change from time to time so the list should not be viewed as exhaustive.

Company PrefixCompany Type
No prefixEngland & Wales Company
ACAssurance Company for England & Wales
ZCUnregistered Companies (S 1043 - Not Cos Act) for England & Wales
FCOverseas Company
CECharitable incorporated organisation
GEEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for England & Wales
CSScottish charitable incorporated organisation
LPLimited Partnership for England & Wales
OCLimited Liability Partnership for England & Wales
SEEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for England & Wales
SAAssurance Company for Scotland
SZUnregistered Companies (S 1043 Not Cos Act) for Scotland
SFOverseas Company registered in Scotland (pre 1st October 2009)
GSEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for Scotland
SLLimited Partnership for Scotland
SOLimited Liability Partnership for Scotland
SCScottish Company
ESEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for Scotland
NAAssurance Company for Northern Ireland
SGScottish qualifying partnership
NZUnregistered Companies (S 1043 Not Cos Act) for Northern Ireland
NFOverseas Company registered in Northern Ireland (pre 1st October 2009)
GNEuropean Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) for Northern Ireland
NLLimited Partnership for Northern Ireland
NCLimited Liability Partnership for Northern Ireland
R0Northern Ireland Company (pre-partition)
NINorthern Ireland Company (post-partition)
ENEuropean Company (Societas Europaea) for Northern Ireland
IPIndustrial & Provident Company
SPScottish Industrial/Provident Company
ICICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital)
SIScottish ICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital)
NPNorthern Ireland Industrial/Provident Company or Credit Union
NVNorthern Ireland ICVC (Investment Company with Variable Capital)
RCRoyal Charter Companies (English/Wales)
SRScottish Royal Charter Companies
NRNorthern Ireland Royal Charter Companies
NONorthern Ireland Credit Union Industrial/Provident Society