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Completion of winding up by the official receiver refers to the final stage of the winding-up process of a company conducted by the Official Receiver. The Official Receiver is an officer of the court and an employee of the Insolvency Service, which is a government agency responsible for administering insolvency procedures.

Winding up, also known as liquidation, is the process of closing down a company and distributing its assets to creditors and shareholders. It can be initiated voluntarily by the company itself (voluntary liquidation) or by a court order (compulsory liquidation). In the case of compulsory liquidation, the Official Receiver is appointed as the liquidator to oversee the winding-up process.

When the Official Receiver has completed all necessary tasks and obligations related to the liquidation, including the realization and distribution of the company’s assets and the resolution of any outstanding matters, they will file a notice with the court stating that the winding up has been completed. This notice is commonly referred to as the “Completion of winding up by the official receiver” notice.

The completion of winding up signifies the official conclusion of the liquidation process. It indicates that the company’s affairs have been fully wound up, its assets have been distributed, and any remaining administrative tasks have been resolved. The company is considered dissolved and is removed from the register of companies.

Once the completion notice is filed, the company ceases to exist as a legal entity, and its name becomes available for use by other businesses. The Official Receiver’s role as the liquidator ends, and any further matters related to the company’s liquidation, if necessary, will be handled by the court or a private insolvency practitioner if one has been appointed.

It is important for creditors, shareholders, and other interested parties to take note of the Completion of winding up by the official receiver notice, as it signifies the finalization of the company’s liquidation process and the closure of its affairs.

These notices are filed with Companies House against the registered company number. All UK company liquidation notices and updates are tracked centrally by Doorda.