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The Types of Crime (offences) captured by Police forces are grouped into higher categories by The Home Office who collates them ready for publication on the UK Crime Map. These are also used for the creation of Crime Statistics to provides an overview of reported crime, and anti-social behaviour at a street-level each month. The Types of Crime categorised by the Home Office are also used to make the reported crime data easier to digest and encourage reuse of the data for comparison and analysis purposes.

There are over 1,400 Types of Crime, or offences, grouped into 13 top-level categories, these range from Bicycle Theft to Violence and Sexual Offences. There is a 14th category, ‘Anti-Social Behaviour’ but there are no underlying Types of Crime grouped into this category.

Most Crime Statistics and the UK Crime map will use the top 14 categories. A complete list of  Types of Crime with associated Reported Crime category is available below. [ninja_tables id=”6382″]