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A Notice of Appointment of Liquidator Voluntary Winding-up (members or creditors) is a legal document that signifies the appointment of a liquidator in the process of voluntary winding-up.

Voluntary winding-up is a process undertaken by a company to bring its operations to an end. It can be initiated either by the members (shareholders) or the creditors of the company. The purpose of voluntary winding-up is to liquidate the company’s assets, settle its debts, and distribute any remaining funds to the stakeholders.

When the decision to wind up the company voluntarily is made, a Notice of Appointment of Liquidator is filed with Companies House and published in the Gazette, which is the official public record of corporate actions in the UK. The notice will indicate whether the winding-up is being conducted by the members or the creditors.

The Notice of Appointment of Liquidator typically includes important details such as the name and contact information of the appointed liquidator, the date of appointment, and the type of winding-up (members or creditors). It serves as a formal notification to creditors, shareholders, and other interested parties that the liquidator has taken charge of the winding-up process.

The liquidator’s role is to oversee the liquidation process, collect and sell the company’s assets, settle outstanding debts, and distribute any remaining funds to creditors and shareholders in accordance with the priority set out in insolvency law. The liquidator also has the responsibility to report on the company’s affairs to relevant authorities, including the Official Receiver.

The Notice of Appointment of Liquidator provides transparency and ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the progress of the winding-up process and the person responsible for managing it. Creditors and shareholders should review the notice to understand their rights, obligations, and the procedures to follow during the winding-up process.

These notices are filed with Companies House against the registered company number. All UK company liquidation notices and updates are tracked centrally by Doorda.