2 minutes

Uncover and improve rates appeals, improve investment analysis and location planning.

The more informed you are, the better decisions you can make.

The more you know about individual properties, their use, their occupants, the surrounding area, and the local population, the better you can draw conclusions and make recommendations.

Our uniquely detailed and reliable property data will allow you to uncover and improve win rates for business rate appeals, provide broader evidence-based investment/disinvestment analysis, and improve location planning.

Rates Appeal

Hereditament Details for all properties allows validation of the rates assessment of individual properties

Find similar local properties enabling relevant comparisons.

Investment/disinvestment analysis

  • Buildings usage profile in the area
  • Building occupancy profile in the area
  • Tenant churn in the area
  • Property internal space (GIA, NIA)  – the potential for future change of use
  • Uncover the footprint of other local property owners
  • Monitor local area trends (property & population) for timely disinvestment

Recoveries optimisation

Consider multiple extra data points to quickly understand the suitability of a property or area.

  • Current situation and trends in business rates for local properties
  • Commercial Occupancy and premises usage locally
  • Education, income and availability levels of the local workforce
  • Availability of potential suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Competitor Locations
  • Assess local area customer fit
  • Monitor local population trends allowing timely decisions