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Filed accounts for validated SMEs now available, approx 85% of all Registered Companies. Content will vary dependent on the size of the company. For information on what should be published read ‘Company Size Definitions‘. Most companies will file one set of accounts per year.

Now available on DoordaHost:

  • register_company_account tables contains all filed accounts linked to company number. Where availble this also contains the accountants name and registered number.

Now available on Doorda API (v2.2

  • https://api.doorda.com/biz/uk/account/{company_number} – Allows the extraction of all associated filed accounts by company number.


Shareholder Confirmation statement data now available.

Now available on DoordaHost:

  • register_company_shareholder – List of shareholders for each company with person Ids
  • register_company_class_of_share – Details on the share classes associated with each company

Now available on the Doorda API:

  • https://api.doorda.com/biz/uk/class_of_share/{company_number} – Class of shares issued by the company
  • https://api.doorda.com/biz/uk/shareholder/{company_number} – List of shareholders in the company
  • https://api.doorda.com/biz/uk/shareholder/entity_company_number/{entity_company_number} – Shares held in other companies
  • https://api.doorda.com/biz/uk/shareholder/doorda_person_number/{person_number} – Allows you to view shares associated with the Doorda Person Id


  • Register_Company_Appointment table can now be linked to Company_Appointments in DoordaProperty on URN.

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