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Improve location planning, supplier assessment, and competitive intelligence. Find alternative local suppliers.

Use broader, more complete data to improve location planning, supplier assessment, and competitive intelligence. Carry out quick contingency planning for local suppliers.

Location Planning

Consider multiple extra data points to quickly understand the suitability of property or area (OAC).

  • Current situation and trends in business rates for local properties
  • Occupancy and premises usage locally
  • Education, income and availability levels of the local workforce
  • Availability of potential suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Competitor location and local economy
  • Transport proximity

Competitive Intelligence

Monitor your competitor’s property footprint, commercial occupancypublic-sector contracts (including award amounts) and regulatory notices

Supplier Assessment

Very similar to Customer risk, with the added advantage of being able to find and assess alternative suppliers by joining this data to the imports and exports, business locations data also available from Doorda.

  • Improve efficiency by automating the approval of low-risk suppliers
  • Monitor the health of suppliers and their associated companies

Contingency Planning

Find and assess alternative suppliers within an area using property use types, SIC codes and foreign trade information.