With recent rises in property prices far exceeding the rise in income, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to get onto the property ladder.

This disparity is especially felt by young people who normally lack sufficient income and a large enough deposit to meet lenders ever demanding needs.

Looking at property in Leeds, which is a major draw for students attracted to the Russell Group Leeds University, we can see there are many more mortgages in the suburbs and rural areas than in the city centre. You may hypothesise that this is because there are a higher proportion of landlords that own a property outright and rent to students in the centre.

Outstanding Mortgage

The average outstanding mortgage amount can be used as an estimate for house prices. Using the map above we can see the outstanding mortgages are much higher in the rural areas to the north of Leeds and in the city centre.

This is to be expected as property in a good location in the city centre tends to be more expensive. More affluent areas are also found outside the city where larger houses with more land are found.


There are many trends seen in the number and amount of outstanding mortgages in Leeds. The biggest difference is seen between the city centre, the suburbs and the countryside. With the huge differences seen between these areas, the positioning of your next property could be the most important feature.

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