Despite good progress in many areas COVID continues to take its toll on individuals and the wider economy. Use our model to better understand the risk at a local level.

Doorda is making available a COVID-19 dataset based on raw government data. We have added 13 risk factors and various COVID-19 infection rate models at a range of local geographies (Ward, Parliamentary Constituency, Local Authority and Clinical Commission Group) to make it easier for you to create your own insights and raise awareness of the virus. The data will be updated weekly to enable the tracking of infection rates at a local level over time across the UK.

This dataset is free for Non-Commercial reuse. If you have any suggestions on new data sources or comments on the model please let us know.

Latest version covers up to the 2nd September and includes:

  • 13 risk indexes
  • 2 cumulative infection rate models
  • R-Values
  • Confirmed cases per 100,000
  • Future cases ratio model
  • End of year infection rate model

Use it to create your own insights such as:

  • Seeing which areas are most at risk of infection
  • How the current trend in cases will affect future infection rates
  • See how government policies affected cases in different cities


A Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for commissioning most hospitals and NHS services in a local area. This graph shows a sharp rise in Liverpool’s cases before a local lockdown was introduced on the 22nd of September.Most cities are now seeing cases decrease as a result of tier 4 restrictions being implemented in December across most of the country.

Data is taken from a variety of official sources including the Office of National Statistics and Public Health England.

We will be adjusting the model as we learn more and uncover new data sources, all changes will be published in the release notes.

Download the Data

With COVID restrictions continuing to impact all our lives, Doorda have released a COVID infection estimate dataset available at Ward level equipping you with a deeper understanding of the health issue at hand. Content is updated monthly. Create a free account to unlock the data and receive updates.