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The decile incomes for 2018 are based on the lowest income boundary, i.e. the lowest 10% will have an income of £215 or less per week and the highest 10% will have an income of £1,713 or more.

Income Decile2018 Lower Boundary2017 Lower Boundary2016 Lower Boundary
Lowest 10%
Second decile group£216£209£199
Third decile group£322£312£298
Fourth decile group£432£410£386
Fith decile group£548£523£487
Sixth decile group£681£648£608
Seventh decile group£812£788£744
Eighth decile group£986£961£903
Ninth decile group£1,252£1217£1112
Highest 10%£1,713£1619£1509